Edwin Roth, M.D.
Chapter 3

The treatment of these patients has been surprising in several ways....medication has been remarkably effective..., the required dosage has usually been remarkably low, and the medication has been required for longer than expected.  The usual responses of the four groups of symptoms to treatment are described in detail.

A minority of patients immediately developed side effects, mainly feeling groggy, tired,or nauseated, even on the low dosage, which caused them to be unable to tolerate the medicine.  When the dose was reduced properly, the side effects disappeared and the patients could resume the medication.

Most patients, after an initial period of stability and increasing benefit on their original level of medication, experienced side effects of drowsiness, lethargy, or weight gain, and required a significant reduction in dosage.

When patients felt well and were in remission, if they then reduced the medication too drastically or stopped it altogether, their symptoms returned...and they needed to resume thr previous level of medication to go back into remission.