Edwin Roth, M.D.
Chapter 7

It is striking that in this group...there was only one grimly depressed, suicidal patient. 

Mr. L, was a grim, joyless, .30-year-old, depressed man who was exhausted.  He did not smile.  He said he was sorry he was alive;  he had nothing to live for.  The failed suicide attempt had drained him, but he would soon have the energy to once again be suicidal.  He said he was an alcoholic  and had ruined his life...his wife wanted to have nothing to do with him.  She had resumed the divorce process, restored the restraining order, and refused to see him or talk with him. 

Mr. L. improved dramatically on the medication.  By discharge, there was no suicidal ideation or risk, and he said he was glad he did not die.

I wonder how many avoidable suicides have occurred in overwhelmed patients, as Mr. L. was, in whom TPLSDS was undiagnosed.