Edwin Roth, M.D.
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Chapter 10



     In my experience over the past decade, I have found that 5 to 10% of newly referred patients in my private practice have evidenced The Post-LSD Syndrome. In 2010, the first year of my consultation to a newly-opened, 15-bed, partial in-patient program for low-income adults, 15 of the 180 patients (8%) I evaluated were found to have The Post-LSD Syndrome and rapidly benefitted from treatment. My experience with a prison population was very similar; over a five-year period I diagnosed The Post-LSD Syndrome in 75 new patients, which reflected a 6% incidence. Despite this significant incidence of occurence, I have rarely seen a patient whose condition had been previously recognized by a psychiatrist or a psychologist, or who had been treated effectively..... 

Methaphetamine-Induced Pathology

      After I became aware of the existence of The Post-LSD Syndrome and noted its consistent symptoms, I gradually became aware of a group of patients who had a condition similar to, but distinct from it. Initially, these patients seemed to be post-LSD victims, but on closer examination were found to differ. These were patients who had discontinued use of methamphetamines for several years after intensive abuse ranging from several months to several years....