Edwin Roth, M.D.
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Chapter Six

 Atypical Cases - Addictions

There are many patients who are driven to addiction by the distressing symptoms of The Post-LSD Syndrome. Of course, very few patients realize the underlying cause of their distress; some are aware they suffer from incapacitating anxiety and mental exhaustion, but rarely realize the connection to their use of LSD.

     Case 11)  Mr. K. was a self-proclaimed macho man, a 27 year old man with a history of heroin addiction, and aggressive, assaultive, violent behavior even in prison.  Although intelligent and academically successful in high school, he had wasted seven years of college by "living the good life, being macho" with alcohol, drugs, and womanizing, without completing a single academic course.  His indulgent parents, who were professionals, were distraught and helpless.  He had a violent, assaultive side, claimed to enjoy fighting, and developed a remarkable physique so he could look macho, and dominate in his fights.  He had been arrested and imprisoned for possession and use of heroin, and claimed he would always be a heroin addict.  He was referred to me for evaluation because of his anger, incorrigibility, and trouble sleeping....