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 Medical breakthrough ties LSD use to distressing symptoms

PALM DESERT, Ca. — Not all medical mysteries have to go unsolved.

At least that's what Dr. Edwin Roth believes. In his innovative medical book, The Post- LSD Syndrome, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Roth says he has discovered an easily treatable condition that has distressing and debilitating effects on patients who have had experience with LSD.

Dr. Roth's work as a clinician led him to recognize a large group of patients who had distressing, often incapacitating symptoms, who had previous exposure to LSD. After considerable research, Dr. Roth discovered that the condition, the Post-LSD Syndrome had never been reported.

"This book breaks new ground, as it describes a disorder not previously recognized by mental health professionals," says Dr. Roth. "There are many people who may be experiencing this disorder without realizing it. I hope to make the public as well as professionals aware of this condition. I have now seen about 400 patients who were severely impaired for years and have now experienced gratifying relief after proper treatment."

Because of the severity of the disturbance, the attendant suffering and dysfunction, and the treatability of the condition, Dr. Roth feels strongly about alerting the medical community and consumers about the Post-LSD Syndrome. Dr. Roth's book not only proposes a new condition, it also proposes a form of treatment to patients that might otherwise have felt hopeless.

"Patients have said that being treated properly for the Post-LSD Syndrome has changed their lives," Dr. Roth says. "It has restored them to normality."

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The Post-LSD Syndrome
By Dr. Edwin Roth
ISBN: 978-1463411985
Paperback: $23.99

About the author

Dr. Edwin Roth graduated from the Adelbert College and The Medical School of Case Western Reserve University. Soon after graduation, Dr. Roth trained in Pediatrics and served in the USAF. He then completed training in Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis and Child Psychoanalysis. He has been an administrator, supervisor, academician, consultant and clinician for over 40 years. After relocating to Southern California in 1997, he became aware of the patients that have become the subject of this book.


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