Edwin Roth, M.D.
Preview #2

Chapter Four

Typical Patients

     Case 4) Mr. D. was a 36 yr. old, married father of 3 who had developed a severe anxiety attack 6 months previously for which he was hospitalized and observed on a cardiac unit for 2 days...He had racing thoughts, terrible nightmares, constant anxiety, outbursts of anger, inability to concentrate, apprehension, and a feeling of doom.  He felt medications only slightly attenuated his symptoms.  In his early twenties he had taken LSD for about a month, until he had a terrible trip in which he became paranoid, terrified, acted crazy and got himself arrested.  He said he never felt right after that, and drank heavily and used drugs for over ten years to try to feel better.  Two years before his consultation with me, he decided to abstain from drugs and alcohol.  He said he reformed for his family and his business, and both had been thriving for about a year, until the spontaneous, abrupt, onset of his severe anxiety attacks six months previously....