Edwin Roth, M.D.
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Chapter Five 

Atypical Cases - Depression

     Case 7) Ms. G. was an intelligent, attractive, chronically depressed and unhappy 37-year old woman who had been given a prescription for medical marijuana because of severe depression and anxiety, and also used alcohol and methamphetamines. She became heavily alcoholic about six months before I met her, lost control of herself, became violent, and was arrested by the police and forced into a hospital program, where I saw her. She had been diagnosed as Major Depressive Disorder and treated with an antidepressant. When that was ineffective, she was placed on Lithium, which also did not help.

     In our first session, she told me that for months she had been experiencing severe anxiety, racing thoughts, insomnia, horrible nightmares, severe anger which was difficult to control, and increasing difficulty concentrating and coping. Her attempts at self-medication with alcohol and marijuana had taken the edge off of her anxiety, but had not really helped.... She had used LSD several times 15 years previously, until she had a bad trip which scared her....