Edwin Roth, M.D.


The author proposes the recognition of a condition, The Post-LSD Syndrome, in which patients suffer from a triad of severe, distressing and debilitating symptoms which are resistant to therapy.  This triad of unique symptoms consists of a sleep disturbance, anxiety, and forms of mental instability which are described in detail.  These symptoms occur as a result of exposure to LSD, and can occur after decades of even only one exposure to LSD. 

The book describes in detail a variety of case studies which illustrate the various forms of pathology which the condition can manifest.  Typical cases which consist of a fairly clear and direct presentation of the basic triad of symptoms are described, as are atyplcal cases in which other symptoms may appear to predominate, such as depression and addictions.  Situations in which other conditions may coexist with The LSD-Syndrome and in which they reenforce each other, such as PTSD, are also described. 

The book also describes in a detailed chapter the treatment and prognosis of this condition.  The prognosis for remission is excellent with proper treatment.

The book is written for the benefit of the general public as well as for professionals, in the hope of helping people obtain proper treatment.

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